Calaguala is traditionally used in South America for Psorasis and other skin conditions, alzheimers disease, dementia and memory problems, . Also for coughs, bronchitis, chest colds and upper respiratory problemsCALAGULA   (Kallawalla)

Polypodium leucotomos & Polypodium decumanum

Raintree Nutrition’s Calaguala (pronounced “kal-la-wall-la”) Capsules combines two species of rainforest ferns (Polypodium leucotomos and Polypodium decumanum).

They are a rich source of lipids and fatty acids and the therapeutic activity of the plants are attributed to these groups of chemicals.

Within its lipids are a group of chemicals called sulphoquinovo-syldiacylglycerols, (including those named calaguline or anapsos) which have been documented and patented as part of the plant’s “active” chemicals.

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To learn more about these wonderful rainforest plants, go to the Tropical Plant Database file on Calaguala / Samambaia.

Ingredients: 100% pure calaguala rhizome (Polypodium leucotomos) and samambaia rhizome and leaf (Polypodium decumanum). No chemical additives or preservatives are used. This is a wild harvested product—grown naturally in the Amazon rainforest without any pesticides or fertilizers.

Suggested Use: Take 2-3 capsules twice daily or as recommended by a health professional.

Contraindications: Reports indicate that these plants may enhance the effects of the heart drug digitalis (a medication commonly used to increase the force of heart contractions in those diagnosed with certain heart conditions). It is therefore contraindicated in combination with digitalis, and persons with any heart condition should seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner prior to using this product.

Drug Interactions: May potentiate the effects of digitalis and/or other digitalis-type prescription heart drugs.

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