Ethnobotanical Uses

The following information has been compiled from many published sources. The following is for education and information purposes only. It is definitely NOT intended to be used to diagnose, prescribe or replace proper medical care. If you don’t find a link below to additional information on the plant, please check back later as we are continuing to upload plant information on an on-going basis.

Abuta – Cissampelos pareira Ache (Stomach), Anabolic, Antidote, Antiecbolic, Asthma, Bite(Dog), Bite(Snake), Bladder, Blenorrhagia, Boil, Bronchitis, Burn, Calculus, Chill, Cholera, Cold, Constipation, Convulsion, Cough, Cystitis, Delirium, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Digestion, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Emmenagogue, Epilepsy, Erysipelas, Expectorant, Eye, Febrifuge, Fever, Gonorrhea, Gravel, Hematuria, Hemorrhage, Hydropsy, Hypertension, Itch, Jaundice, Kidney, Leucorrhea, Lithontriptic, Malaria, Menorrhagia, Nephritis, Palpitation, Parturition, Pimples, Piscicide, Poultice, Purgative, Rabies, Rheumatism, Sore, Stimulant, Styptic, Testiculitis, Tonic, Urogenital, Urinary Infection, Uterine Disorders, Uterine Hemorrhage, Venereal

Acerola – Malphigia glabra Astringent, Breast, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Fever, Hepatitis, Liqueur, Tenesmus

Ageratum – Ageratum conyzoides Abdomen, Abortifacient, Ague, Appetite, Bitter, Boil, Burn, Carminative, Colic, Collyrium, Contraceptive, Cough, Craw-Craw, Cystitis, Decoagulant, Depurative, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Emetic, Expectorant, Eye, Febrifuge, Fever, Flatulence, Flu, Hemostat, Infection, Intestinal Colic, Lithontriptic, Pneumonia, Poultice, Puerperium, Purgative, Resolvent, Rheumatism, Sleeping-Sickness, Sore, Stimulant, Sudorific, Syphilis, Tonic, Tumor, Urinary, Uterus, Venereal, Vulnerary, Wound

Alcachofra – Artichoke – Cynara scolymus Albuminuria, Anemia, Arteriosclerosis, Bite(Snake), Calculus, Cancer, Cholagogue, Cystitis, Diabetes, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Gallbladder, Gallstones, High Cholesterol, Hydropsy, Hyperglycemia, Hypertension, Kidney, Liver, Rheumatism, Tonic, Uremia

Amargo -Quassia amara Anemia, Antianemic, Antibiotic, Antipyretic, Astringent, Bite(Snake), Bites, Cancer, Carcinoma, Constipation, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Digestive, Diuretic, Diuretic, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Fever, Gallbladder Disorders, High Blood Pressure, Hyperglycemia, Insecticide, Intestinal Parasites, Laxative, Liver Disease, Liver, Liver Disorders, Malaria, Medicine, Nervousness, Stimulant, Stings, Stomachic,Tonic, Vermicide, Vermifuge,Worms

Amor seco – Desmodium axillare Ache(Back), Ache(Body), Ache(Head), Ache(Joint), Ache(Muscle), Anthelmintic, Aphrodisiac, Asthma, Blenorrhagia, Blood, Detoxifier, Bronchitis, Cataplasm, Colic, Constipation, Consumption, Contraceptive, Convulsion, Cough, Depurative, Diarrhea, Digestive, Dysentery, Fracture, Galactagogue, Hemorrhage, Inflammation, Kidney Disorders, Laxative, Leucorrhea, Magic, Malaria, Marasmius, Nervousness, Oliguria, Ovary, Oxytoxic, Ringworms, Sore, Urinary, Vaginal Infections, Vaginitis, Venereal Disease, Wounds

Anamu – Petiveria alliacea Abortifacient, Abortive, Ache(Head), Analgesic, Anthelmentic, Anti-inflammatory, Antirheumatic, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Arthritis, Asthma, Bite(Snake), Boils, Cancer, Caries, Catarrh, Cavities, Childbirth, Cholera, Cold, Counterirritant, Cystitis, Decoagulant, Depurative, Diabetes, Diaphoretic, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysmenorrhea, Ecbolic, Emmenogogue, Expectorant, Febrifuge, Fever, Flu, Hallucinogenic, Heachache, Head-Cold, Hives, Hysteria, Inflammation, Insecticide, Insectrepellant, Lung, Menstruation, Nerve, Osteoartritis, Paralysis, Parturition, Pertussis, Piscicide, Poison(Arrow), Pustules, Rabies, Repellant(Bat), Repellant(Insect), Respiratory Tract Infections, Rheumatism, Ringworm, Rootcanal, Scrofula, Sedative, Skin Disease, Skin fungus, Spasm, Stomach cramps, Sudorific, Toothhache, Tumor, Urinary Infections, Venereal, Venereal Disease, Vermifuge, Womb

Andiroba – Carapa guianensis Analgesic, Arthritis, Bite(Insect), Bruise, Cancer, Cold, Cough, Feet, Fever, Flu, Herpes, Insecticide, Itch, Insectifuge, Leprosy, Malaria, Muscle Pain, Parasiticide, Pediculicide, Psoriasis, Rash(Skin) Repellant(Insect), Skin, Skin Disease, Soap, Tetanus, Ulcers(Skin), Vermifuge, Wounds

Annatto – Bixa orellana Ache(Head), Antidote, Aphrodisiac, Antiseptic, Astringent, Burn, Cancer, Cholesterolemia, Cicatrizant, Coloring, Conjunctivitis, Cordial, Cosmetic, Cystitis, Depurative, Diabetes, Diuretic, Douche, Dye, Dysentery, Epilepsy, Erysipelas, Excitant, Fainting, Fever, Flu, Gonorrhea, Hair-Oil, Heartburn, Hepatitis, Hypertension, Hyperglycemia, Inflammation, Insect repellant, Jaundice, Kidney, Liver, Malaria, Obesity, Oliguria, Parasiticide, Prostate, Purgative, Refrigerant, Renal, Repellant(Insect), Skin Disorders, Stomach(ache), Stomachic, Stomatitis, Styptic, Throat, Tumor, Unguent, Urinary, Urogenital, Vaginitis, Venereal

Avenca – Adiantum capillus-veneris Alopecia, Amenorrhea, Antitussive, Asthma,Astringent, Bite(Snake), Bite(Spider), Bladder, Boils, Breathing, Bronchial Diseases, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Chest, Childbirth, Chill, Colds, Contraceptive, Cough, Dandruff, Demulcent, Depurative, Diabetes, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysmenorrhea, Eczema, Emmenagogue, Emollient, Expectorant, Febrifuge, Fever, Hair Loss, Head, Hepatitis, Laxative, Liver, Lung, Menstrual Disorders, Menstrual Pain, Pectoral, Respiratory, Sclerosis(Spleen), Skin Diseases, Sore, Splenitis, Stimulant, Stone, Sudorific, Tonic, Wounds

Aveloz – Euphorbia tirucalli, insulana Abscess, Ache(Ear), Ache(Tooth), Asthma, Cancer, Colic, Cough, Dermatosis, Emetic, Fracture, Gastralgia, Leprosy, Neuralgia, Ostealgia, Osteosis, Piles, Piscicide, Poison*, Poison, Purgative**, Rheumatism, Rhinosis, Rubefacient, Scurf, Swelling, Thorn, Vesicant, Wart, Wound

Balsam of Tolu – Myroxylon balsamum  /  Balsam of Peru – Myroxylon pereirae Absess, Ache(Head), Ache(Stomach), Amenorrhea, Antiseptic, Asthma, Bactericide, Bronchitis, Cancer, Catarrh, Chillblains, Cold, Colic, Cough, Deodorant, Diuretic, Dysmenorrhea, Expectorant, Freckle, Fumigant, Fungicide, Gout, Itch, Osteomyelitis, Parasiticide, Pectoral, Pediculosis, Perfume, Rash(Skin), Rheumatism, Ringworms, Scabies, Sclerosis, Skin, Sore, Spasm, Sprain, Stimulant, Stomachic, Swelling, Tonic, Tuberculosis, Tumor, Ulcers(Skin), Umbilicus, Venereal, Vermifuge, Wound

Bitter Melon – Momordica charantia Abdomen, Abortifacient, Ache(Ear), Ache(Head), Asthma, Antibiotic, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Bite(Snake), Bilious, Bladder, Boil, Burn, Cancer, Cancer(Breast), Carminative, Catarrh, Cold, Colic, Colitis, Cough, Chilblain, Dermatosis, Depurative, Diabetes Mellitis, Dysmenorrhea, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Eczema, Emetic, Emmenagogueue, Eruption , Eye(Veterinary), Fever, Gonorrhea, Gout, Halitosis, Headache, Hepatitis, Hyperglycemia, Hypertension, Insecticide, Itch, Jaundice, Kidney, Lactogogue, Laxative, Leprosy, Liver , Malaria, Malignancy, Night-Blindness, Pile, Poison, Psoriasis, Purgative, Refrigerant, Renitis, Rheumatism, Roundworms, Scabies, Skin, Soap, Sore, Spleen, Splenitis, Stomachache, Stomachic, Stone, Styptic, Thrush, Tonic, Urethritis, Vermifuge, Wound

Black Cohosh – Cimicfuga racemosa Menopause, Menstrual and Premenstrual symptoms

Boldo – Peumus boldus Anodyne, Anthelmintic, Antiseptic, Choleretic, Cold, Digestion, Diuretic, Dyspepsia, Earache, Gallbladder, Gallstones, Gastrointestinal, Gonorrhea, Gout, Hepatosis, Hepatotonic, Jaundice, Laxative, Liver, Rheumatism, Sedative, Stimulant, Stomach, Stomachic, Syphilis, Tonic, Urogenital, Vermifuge, Worms

Brazil Nut – Bertholletia excelsa Emollient, Food, Liver, Repellant(Insect), Soap

Brazilian Pepper Tree – Schinus molle Amenorrhea, Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Aposteme, Arrhythmia, Asthma, Astringent, Balsamic, Blennorrhagia, Bronchitis, Cataract, Cicatrizant, Colds, Colic, Collyrium, Conjuntivitis, Cough, Cystitis, Diarrhea, Digestive Disorders, Diuretic, Dysmenorrhea, Edema, Emmenagogue, Expectorant, Eye, Fever, Foot, Fractures, Gingivitis, Gonorrhea, Gout, Gripe, Gum, Hemoptysis, Hypertension, Inflammation, Liqueur, Masticatory, Menstrual Disorders, Mouth, Ophthalmia, Piscicide, Poison, Preventitive, Purgative, Respiratory Tract Infections, Respiratory Tract Disorders, Rheumatism, Sore, Spice, Stimulant, Stomachache, Stomachic, Swelling, Tea, Tonic, Toothache, Tuberculosis, Tumor, Ulcer, Urethritis, Urinary Tract Infections, Urogenital, Venereal, Viricide, Vulnerary, Wart, Wound

Cabbage Tree – Andira inermis Anthelminthic, Eczema, Emetic, Febrifuge, Fever, Malaria, Narcotic, Piscicide, Poison, Poison, Purgative, Purgative, Vermifuge, Yaws

Cajueiro – Anacardium occidentale Ache(Stomach), Analgesic, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Asthenia, Asthma, Astringent, Bronchitis, Callosity, Catarrh, Caustic, Cold, Corn, Congestion,Colic, Constipation, Cough, Debility, Dermatosis, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Douche, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Eczema, Fever, Flu, Freckle, Gargle, Genital, Impotency, Infection, Infections(skin), Intestinal Colic, Leishmaniasis, Leprosy, Liqueur, Mouthwash, Muscular Debility, Nausea, Piscicide, Poison, Psoriasis, Purgative, Scrofula, Scurvy, Skin, Sore(Throat) Stimulant, Syphilis, Swelling, Syphilis, Throat, Thrush, Tonsilitis, Tumor, Ulcer, Ulcers(mouth), Urinary, Vaginitis, Venereal, Vesicant, Wart, Wounds

Calumba – Jateorhiza palmata Antiseptic, Aperitif, Carminative, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Gastrotonic, Gastritis, Nausea, Restorative, Sore, Stomachic, Vermifuge

Camu-Camu – Myrciaria dubia Cold, Flu, Food

Canafistula – Cassia fistula Aperient, Astringent, Burn, Cancer, Carbuncle, Constipation, Convulsion, Delirium, Dermatosis, Diarrhea, Dysuria, Epilepsy, Flu, Fumitory, Gravel, Hematuria, Herpes, Laxative, Pimple, Purgative, Syphilis, Tumor(Glands), Vermifuge, Wound

Cancerillo – Asclepias curassavica Ache(Head), Adulterant, Anthelminthic, Astringent, Cancer, Caries, Depurative, Diaphoretic, Dysentery, Emetic, Fever, Gonorrhea, Hemostat, Hemostatic, Leprosy, Leucorrhea, Pectoral, Piles, Poison, Poison(Veterinary), Purgative, Rabies, Sore, Sternutatory, Styptic, Sudorific, Tuberculosis, Tumor(Abdomen), Venereal, Vermifuge, Vulnerary, Wart

Carapia – Dorstenia brasiliensis Alexipharmic, Anemia, Bite(Snake), Constipation, Cough, Cystitis, Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Emetic, Emmenagogueue, Febrifuge, Fatigue, Gastritis, Purgative, Stimulant, Stomachic, Tonic, Uterine

Carqueja – Baccharis genistelloides Allergies, Antacid, Anemia, Angina, Anthelmintic, Bitter, Bloating, Calculus, Circulation, Constipation, Depurative, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Digestive, Dyspepsia, Febrifuge, Gallbladder, Gallstones, Gastroenteritis, Gastritis, Gout, Gripe, Hydropsy, Impotency, Indigestion, Intestines, Intestinal Gas, Kidney, Leprosy, Liver, Malaria, Nausea, Sore(throat), Sterility, Stomach, Stomachic, Tonic, Tonsilitis, Ulcers, Urinary, Venereal Disease, Vermifuge

Cascarilla- Croton eluteria Balsamic, Digestive, Fumigant, Liqueur, Stimulant, Tonic

Cat’s Claw -“Una de Gato” Uncaria tomentosa Abscesses, Arthritis, Asthma, Blood Cleanser, Bone Pain, Cancer, Cirrhosis, Colitis, Contraceptive, Crohn’s Disease, Cytostatic, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Disease Prevention, Dysentery, Fevers, Gastric Ulcers, Gastritis, Gonorrhea, Hemorrhages, Immunostimulant, Inflammations, Intestinal Affections, Kidney Cleanser, Menstrual Irregularity, Rheumatism, Skin Disorders, Stomach, Ulcers(gastic), Urinary Tract Disorders, Tumors, Wounds

Catuaba – Erythroxylum catuaba Aprodisiac, Cancer(Skin), CNS Stimulant, Fatigue, Impotency,Insomnia, Intestines, Liver, Neurasthenia, Stomach, Tonic

Cedro Rosa – Cedrella odorata Astringent, Febrifuge, Fever, Malaria, Rheumatism, Vermifuge

Chamomile – Anthemis nobilis Ache(Ear), Ache(Stomach), Anodyne, Antiphlogistic, Antiseptic, Bruise, Cancer, Cancer(Liver), Carminative, Cicatrizant, Colic, Convulsion, Debility, Dentition, Depurative, Diaphoretic, Diarrhea, Digestive, Discutient, Diuretic, Eczema, Emollient, Expectorant, Fever, Gastritis, Hair-Wash, Hysteria, Inflammation, Intestinal-Tonic, Liqueur, Malaria, Nerve, Nervine, Neuralgia, Pile, Poultice, Sedative, Sclerosis, Shampoo, Sore, Spasm, Stimulant, Stomach, Stomachic, Sudorific, Tea, Tonic, Tumor(Intestine), Vermifuge, Wound

Chá de Bugre – Cordia salicifolia, ecalyculata Antiviral, Bechic, Cardiotonic, Circulatory Stimulant, Cough, Diuretic, Febrifuge, Herpes, Obesity, Pectoral, Stomachic

Chanca Piedra – Phyllanthus niruri Apertif, Asthma, Bladder, Blennorrhagia, Bronchitis, Calculus, Cancer, Carminative, Cirrhosis, Cold, Colic, Constipation, Cough, Dermatosis, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Digestive, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Emmenagogueue, Fever, Flu, Gallbladder, Gallstones, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Hydropsy, Hyperglycemia, Inflammation, Itch, Jaundice, Kidney, Kidney Stones, Malaria, Medicine, Miscarriage, Piscicide, Poultice, Rectitis, Renal, Renosis, Stomachache, Stomachic, Syphilis, Tenesmus, Tonic, Tumor(Abdomen), Typhoid, Urinary Infection, Uterine relaxant, Vaginitis, Vertigo

Chuchuhuasi – Maytenus krukovit Ache(Back), Ache(Menstrual), Ache(Muscle), Ache(Stomach), Analgesic, Arthritis, Aphrodisiac, Anodyne, Bronchitis, Cancer(Skin), Diarrhea, Fatigue, Fever, Hemorrhoids, Impotency, Menstrual Irregularities, Osteoarthritis, Repellant(Insect), Rheumatism, Sterility, Stomachic, Tonic, Tumors(Skin), Virlity

Cipo Cabeludo – Mikania hirsutissima Albuminuria, Cystitis, Diuretic, Anti-albuminuric, Blennorrhagia, Molluscacidal, Nephritis, Renal Disorders, Urethritis, Urinary Tract Disorders

Clavillia – Mirabilis jalapa Abscess, Alterative, Boil, Bruise, Carbuncle, Carminative, Cathartic, Colic, Cosmetic, Diabetes, Diuretic, Dropsy, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Herpes, Hydragogueue, Hypochondria, Insectrepellant, Itch, Liver, Pimple, Purgative, Rash, Sore, Splenitis, Stomachic, Strain, Tonic, Tumor, Urticaria, Uterosis, Vermifuge, Wound

Clavo huasca – Tynanthus panurensis Ache(Back), Ache(Muscle), Analgesic, Arthritis, Aphrodisiac, Anodyne, Erectile Dysfunction, Fever, Impotency, Rheumatism, Sterility, Stimulant, Toothache, Tonic, Virlity

Copaiba – Copaifera officinalis Catarrh, Cicatrizant, Cystitis, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Cicatrizant, Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Gonhorrhea, Hemorrhoids, Herpes, Incontinence, Inflammation, Psoriasis, Skin Disorders, Sores(Skin), Syphilis, Tumor(Prostate), Ulcers(Stomach)

Cordia – Cordia verbenacea Arthritis, Ulcers, Inflammation, Digestion, Tonic, Scleroderma, Skin

Cumaru – Dipteryx odorata Ache(Stomach), Anticoagulant, Cardiotonic, Carminative, Diaphoretic, Dyspepsia, Fever, Fumigant, Fumitory, Narcotic, Pertussis, Poison, Stimulant, Stomachic

Cupuacu – Theobroma grandiflorum Nutritive

Damiana – Turnera aphrodisiaca Ache(Head), Ache(Stomach), Amaurosis , Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Catarrh, Cold, Diabetes, Diuretic, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Dysmenorrhea , Enuresis, Expectorant, Intestine, Laxative, Liqueur, Malaria, Nerve, Nervine, Panacea, Paralysis, Renitis, Stimulant, Syphilis, Tonic, Urinary,Venereal

Embauba – Cecropia peltata, palmata Asthma, Astringent, Bite(Snake), Blennorrhagia, Bronchitis, Callus, Cardiotonic, Caustic, Chorea, Corn, Cough, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysentery, Emmenagogue, Fever, Flu, Fumitory, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Herpes, Laxative, Liver, Medicine, Nerve, Obesity, Poison, Purgative, Respiratory, Scorpion, Wart, Wound

Epazote – Chenopodium ambrosioides Ache(Stomach), Amebicide, Amenorrhea, Analgesic, Anemia, Ankylostomiasis, Anodyne, Anthelmintic, Antiseptic, Arthritis, Ascaricide,Asthma, Asthma Bite(Bug) Carminative, Colic, Colic, Conjunctivitis, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea, Dyspnea, Emmenagogueue, Fatigue, Fear, Fungicide, Hookworms, Lactogogue, Medicine, Narcotic, Nerve, Nervine, Palpitation, Parasiticide, Poison, Puerperium, Rheumatism, Roundworms, Sore, Stimulant, Stomach, Stomachic, Tea, Tonic, Tumor, Vermifuge

Erva Cidrera – “Lemon Balm” Melissa officinalis Ache(Head), Anodyne, Antiseptic, Calmative, Carminative, Cosmetic, Cordial, Digestive, Emmenagogue, Fever, Lactogogue, Nervine, Perfume, Sclerosis(Liver), Sedative, Spasm, Sternutatory, Stimulant, Stomachic, Sudorific, Toothache, Tonic, Tumor,Viricide

Erva Tostâo – Boerhaavia hirsuta Abdomen, Abdominal Pain, Abortifacient, Abscess, Albuminuria, Anemia, Anthelmintic, Anti-convulsant, Anti-flatulent, Anti-inflammatory, Aphrodisiac, Appetite Stimulant, Ascites, Asthma, BeriBeri, Blenorrhagia, Blood Purifier, Boil, Calculi, Cancer(abdominal), Cataract, Childbirth, Cholera, Chologogue, Convulsions, Cough, Cystitis, Debility, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysmenorrhagia, Dyspepsia, Edema, Emetic, Epilepsy, Erysipelas, Expectorant, Eye, Febrifuge, Fever, Food, Gallbladder,Gonorrhea, Guinea Worms, Heart Ailments, Heart Disease, Hemorrhages(childbirth), Hemorrhages(thoracic), Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Hepatoprotective, Hepatotonic, Hydropsy, Inflammation(internal), Jaundice, Joint, Kidney Disorders, Lactagogue, Laxative, Liver, Lumbago, Menstrual, Nephritis, Ophthalmic, Pain, Renal, Rheumatism, Sclerosis(Liver),Snakebite, Spleen(enlarged), Sterility, Stomachic,Tonic, Urinary DisordersUrinary, Urticaria, Weakness, Yaws

Espinheira Santa – Maytenus ilicifolia Analgesic, Antifertility, Aperitif, Astringent, Cancer, Cicatrizant, Contraceptive, Intestine, Stomachic, Tea, Tonic

Fedegosa – Cassia occidentalis Abortifacient, Abscess, Ache(Ear), Ache(Head), Ache(Stomach), Acne, Anodyne, Antifertility, Antiseptic, Asthma, Bilious, Bronchitis, Burn, Carminative, Cataract, Chancre, Chill, Coffee, Cold, Colic, Collyrium, Dermatosis, Diaphoretic, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Eczema, Emmenagogueue, Erysipelas, Eye, Febrifuge, Fever, Furuncle, Gonorrhea, Guineaworms, Headache, Heart, Heart-Attack, Hematuria, Herpes, Inflammation, Insecticide, Jaundice, Kidney, Leprosy, Liver, Malaria, Medicine, Nausea, Ophthalmia, Palpitation, Parasiticide, Poultice, Puerperium, Purgative, Rheumatism, Ringworms, Scabies, Skin, Sore, Sore(Throat), Spasm, Stomach, Stomachic, Sudorific, Swelling, Syncope, Tetanus, Tonic, Tumor, Typhoid, Ulcer, Venereal, Vermifuge, Womb, Wound, Yellow-Fever

Gervão – Stachytarpheta jamaicensis Abortifacient, Ache(Head), Alopecia, Amenorrhea, Anodyne, Asthma, Boil, Bronchitis, Bruise, Cardiac, Cataract, Cathartic, Chest-Cold, Cough, Depurative, Diarrhea, Dropsy, Dysentery, Eczema, Emetic, Emmenagogueue, Erysipelas, Fever, Flu, Gonorrhea, Inflammation, Itch, Lactogogue, Malaria, Nausea, Nerve, Purgative, Rash, Rectitis, Rheumatism, Rhinitis, Rhinosis, Sedative, Skin, Sore, Sprain, Stomach, Stomachic, Sudorific, Syphilis, Tumor, Venereal, Vermifuge, Vitiligo, Yellow-Fever

Graviola- Annona muricata Analgesic, Anthelmintic, Antiphlogistic, Antispasmodic, Arthritis, Asthenia, Asthma, Astringent, Bilious, Boil, Cataplasm, Childbirth, Chill, Cicatrizant, Cough, Cyanogenetic, Depurative, Dermatosis, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Emetic, Fainting, Febrifuge, Fever, Flu, Gall-Bladder, Glactagogue, Grippe, High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Insecticide, Insomnia, Internulcer, Kidney, Lactagogue, Liqueur, Malaria, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpitation, Parasites, Parturition, Pectoral, Pediculicide, Pellagra, Piscicide, Rash, Rheumatism, Ringworms, Scurvy, Sedative, Skin Disease, Soporific, Sore, Spasm, Stomach, Stomachic, Tea, Tranquilizer, Ulcer(stomach), Vermifuge, Worms

Guacatonga – Casearia sylvestris Bite(Snake), Depurative, Diarrhea, Leprosy, Rheumatism, Skin, Wound

Guaco – Mikania cordifolia Asthma, Bite(Dog), Bite(Snake), Cancer, Cholera, Fever, Flu, Malaria, Menoxenia, Rheumatism, Scorpion, Sore, Spasm, Stomach, Syphilis, Tetanus, Tumor, Vermifuge

Guajava – Cassia alata Abortifacient, Ache(Stomach), Amygdalitis, Antidote, Ascites, Asthma, Bactericide, Bite(Snake), Bronchitis, Constipation, Craw-Craw, Depurative, Dhobey-Itch, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysentery, Eczema, Fever, Fungicide, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Insecticide, Itch, Larvicide, Leprosy, Measless, Mycosis, Parturition, Piscicide, Poison, Poultice, Prurigo, Psoriasis, Purgative, Rheumatism, Ringworm, Scabies, Scurvy, Shingless, Skin, Soporific, Sore, Sudorific, Syphilis, Taenifuge, Tattoo, Tonic, Venereal, Vermifuge, Vitiligo, Vulnerary

Guandu – Cajanus cajan Abdomen, Antidote, Antidote(Fish), Antidote(Manihot), Astringent, Bite(Bat), Blenorrhagia, Bronchitis, Ciguatera, Cold, Colic, Convulsion, Cough, Dermatosis, Detersive, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysentery, Earache, Enteritis, Expectorant, Flu, Gargle, Jaundice, Laxative, Leprosy, Pectoral, Sedative, Soporific, Sore(Throat), Stroke, Swelling, Tumor, Tumor(Abdomen), Urticaria, Vermifuge, Vertigo, Vulnerary

Guarana – Paullinia cupana Astringent, Coffee, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Intoxicant, Heart, Migraine, Nervine, Neuralgia, Stimulant

Guava – Psidium guajava Ache(stomach), Antiseptic, Astringent, Bactericide, Bowel, Bronchitis, Cachexia, Catarrh, Cholera, Chorea, Cicatrizant, Cold, Colic, Convulsion, Cough, Deafness, Dentrifice, Depurgative, Dermatosis, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Emmenagogue, Epilepsy, Fattening, Fever, Gingivitis, Hemostat, Hysteria, Itch, Jaundice, Laxative, Nausea, Nephritis, Pile, Respiratory, Rheumatism, Scabies, Skin, Sore, Sore(throat), Spasm, Swelling, Tonic, Toothache, Ulcer, Vermifuge, Vulnerary, Wound

Gumbolimbo – Bursera graveolens Ache(Back), Ache(Stomach), Analgesic, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Asthma, Bite(Snake), Bites, Blood Purifier, Calculus, Cancer(Stomach), Colds, Colic, Corn, Cystitis, Debility, Depilatory, Depurative, Diaphoretic, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysentery, Enterorrhagia, Expectorant, Fever, Flu, Gangrene Hernia, Hunger, Impotency, Insect Insectrepellant, Intestine Measles, Muscle Fatigue, Nephritis Obesity, Purgative, Rash, Strain, Rashes, Renitis, Rheumatism, Skin Sores, Sore, Stomach, Sun Stroke, Sunburn, Swelling, Tumor, Urinary Tract Infections Venereal, Vulnerary Wound Yellow-Fever

Hawthorn – Crataegus pinnatifida Heart disease, coronary ateries, cardiac, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, kidney, bladder, hypertension, diarrehea, stomache, dysentery

Horsetail – Equisetum arvense Anodyne, Albuminuria, Antiseptic, Astringent, Bladder, Calculus, Cancer(Bones), Cancer, Carminative, Consumption, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Gout, Gravel, Hematuria, Hemopoietic, Hemoptysis, Hemostat , Kidney, Lung, Pile, Sore, Tuberculosis, Tumor, Wound, Xlbuminuria

Hortela – Mentha piperita Ache(Head), Ache(Stomach), Anesthetic, Anodyne, Antidote, Antiseptic, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Bronchitis, Cancer, Carminative, Cholagogueue, Cold, Colic, Dyspepsia, Liqueur, Massage, Medicine, Migraine, Myalgia, Nausea, Navel, Nervine, Preventative(Dyspepsia), Tooth whitener, Rheumatism, Sclerosis, Spasm, Stimulant, Stomach, Stomachic, Tea, Tumor, Vermifuge

Iporuru – Alchornia castaneifolia Ache(Head), Aches(Muscle), Analgesic, Aphrodisiac, Arthritis ,Cough, Diarrhea, Fertility, Laxative, Osteoarthritis, Pain, Rheumatism, Wound

Jaborandi – Pilocarpus jaborandi Antidote(Atropine), Antidote(Belladona), Baldness, Bright’s Disease, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Dropsy, Emetic, Febrifuge, Glaucoma, Lactagogue, Renitis, Rheumatism

Jatoba – Hymenaea courbaril Ache(Head), Antiseptic, Arthritis, Asthma, Beri-Beri, Bladder, Blennorrhagia, Bronchitis, Bruise, Bursitis, Catarrh, Cough, Cystitis, Decongestant, Diarrhea, Dyspepsia, Emphysema, Energy, Expectorant, Fatigue, Fracture, Indigestion, Intestine, Kidney, Laryngitis, Laxative, Liquer, Lung, Prostatitis, Purgative, Respiratory, Rheumatism, Sedative, Sore, Spasm, Stomach, Stomachic, Tonic, Ulcer, Venereal, Vermifuge

Jequerity – Abrus precatorius Abortifacient, Ache(Head), Anodynem, Antidote, Aphrodisiac, Bilious, Bite(Snake,) Bladder, Blennorrhagia, Boil, Cancer, Chest, CNS-Sedative, Cold, Colic, Collyrium, Conjunctivitis, Consumption, Contraceptive*, Convulsion, Cough, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysuria, Emetic, Emollient, Enteritis, Epithelioma, Expectorant, Expectorant*, Eye Fatal, Fatality, Febrifuge, Fever, Fracture(Veterinary), Freckle, Gastritis, Gingivitis, Gonorrhea, Gravel, Heart, Hemostat, Hoarseness, Homicide, Hookworms, Insomnia, Jaundice, Kidney, Laxative, Loin, Malaria, Masticatory, Myalgia, Night-Blindness, Ophthalmia, Ordeal, Pectoral, Poison, Puerperium, Purgative, Refrigerant, Rheumatism, Sedative, Skin, Sprue, Stomach, Styptic, Sweetener, Throat, Trachoma, Urogenital, Venereal, Vermifuge

Jergon Sacha – Dracontium loretense Antiviral, AIDS, Bite(Snake), Diarrhea, Herpes Zoster, Hernia

Jurubeba – Solanum paniculatum Abcess(Internal), Anemia, Bladder, Boil, Catarrh, Decongestant, Diuretic, Fever, Gastritis, Hangover, Hepatitis, Hepatotonic, Hydropsy, Inappetence, Liver, Spleen, Skin, Stomachic, Tumor(Uterine), Ulcer

Maca – Lepidium meyenii Amenorrhea, Aphrodisiac, Dysmenorrhea, Energy, Fertility, Impotency

Macela – Achyrocline satureoides Analgesic, Anthelmintic, Anti-Diabetic, Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Asthma, Carminative, Cold, Colic, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Digestion, Digestive, Dysentery, Emmenagogue, Epilepsy, Flu, Gastritis, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Hypoglycemic, Impotency,Infections, Inflammation, Menstrual Regulation, Menstrual Disorders, Sedative, Sudorific, Tumors, Vermifuge

Manaca – Brunfelsia uniflorus Abortifacient, Alterative, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Arthritis, Back Pain, Bite(Snake), Bronchitis, Cold, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Fever, Flu, Kidney, Laxative, Lung Disease, Purgative, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, Ulcers, Uterine, Venereal, Yellow Fever

Mango – Mangifera indica Anasarca, Anemia, Antiseptic, Antitussive, Aperitif, Ascaricide, Asthma, Astringent, Bladder, Bronchitis, Burn, Catarrh, Chest, Cholera, Circulation, Cough, Dentifrice, Diaphoretic, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea, Enterorrhagia, Eye, Fever, Foot, Fungicide, Gingivitis, Gleet, Glossitis, Gum, Hematachezia, Hemiplegia, Hemoptysis, Hemorrhage, Hemostat, Hiccup, Hypertension, Insomnia, Jaundice, Laxative, Leucorrhea, Liqueur, Liver, Malaria, Melaena, Menorrhagia, Ophthalmia, Parasiticide, Pile, Refrigerant, Respiratory, Rheumatism , Rickets, Ringworms, Scabies, Scald, Scurvy, Skin, Sore(Throat), Stomach, Stomachic, Stomatitis, Sudorific, Sunstroke, Syphilis, Taenifuge, Throat, Tonic, Toothhache, Unguent, Uterus, Vermifuge, Wart

Maracuja – “Passion flower” Passiflora incarnata Analgesic, Antispasmodic, Aphrodisiac, Asthma, Bronchitis, Burn, Cough, Cyanogenetic, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysmenorrhea, Epilepsy, Eye, Eruption, Hemorrhoid, Hysteria, Inflammation, Insomnia, Medicine, Morphinism, Narcotic, Neuralgia, Neurastenia, Neurosis, Perfume, Pile, Sedative, Skin, Soporific, Spasm, Worms(Intestinal)

Maracuja Fruit (not linked) – “Passionfruit” Passiflora incarnata Nutritive, Sedative

Muira puama – Ptychopetalum olacoides Aphrodisiac, Asthenia, Baldness, Beri-beri, Cardiac Asthenia, Cramps(Menstrual), Depression, Frigidity, Gastrointestinal, Grippe, Impotency, Medicine, Nervine, Neuralgia, Neurasthenia, Neuromuscular, Paralysis, PMS, Rheumatism, Sexual Debility, Tonic

Mulateiro – Calycophyllum spruceanum Anthelmintic, Antifungal, Burns, Cuts, Diabetes, Emollient, Mycoses, Parasite, Skin, Vulnerary, Vermifuge, Wounds, Wrinkle

Mullaca – Physalis angulata Abortion Preventative, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antidote, Antipyretic, Antiseptic, Asthma, Boil, Childbirth, Cold, Depurative, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Disinfectant, Diuretic, Dysuria, Earache, Expectorant, Fever, Gallbladder, Gonorrhea, Hemorrhage(postpartum), Hemostatic, Hepatitis, Hydropsy, Indigestion, Jaundice, Kidney, Labor, Liver, Liver Disease, Malaria, Narcotic, Nausea, Nephritis, Ophthalmia, Rectitis, Rectum, Rheumatism, Sedative, Skin Disease, Sleeping Sickness, Sterility, Stomach, Swelling, Syncope, Throat, Tumor(Testicle), Tumors, Worms

Mulungu – Erythrina mulungu Asthma, Bronchitis, Cancer(Stomach), Cardiotonic, Diuretic, Epilepsy, Fever, Gingivitis, Hepatitis, Hypnotic, Hysteria, Inflammation, Insomnia, Liver, Narcotic, Pile, Piscicide, Sedative, Spasm, Spleen

Mutamba – Guazuma ulmifolia Alopecia, Antidote(Comocladia), Asthma, Astringent, Bronchitis, Chest, Depurative, Dermatosis, Diaphoretic, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Elephantiasis, Emollient, Fertility(Veterinary), Fever, Hair, Hepatitis, Kidney, Leprosy, Liver, Lung, Malaria, Medicine, Nephritis, Obesity, Pectoral, Pulmonosis, Refrigerant, Scury, Skin, Stomach, Stomachic, Styptic, Sudorific, Syphilis

Nescafé – Mucuna pruriens Anasarca, Anodyne, Antidote(Crocodile), Antidote(Scorpion), Aphrodisiac, Ascaricide, Asthma, Bite(Dog), Bite(Snake), Cancer, Cholera, Coffee, Cough, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dysuria, Fracture, Madness, Medicine, Mumps, Nervine, Pleuritis, Resolvent, Ringworms, Rubefacient, Sore, Syphilis, Tumor(Abdomen), Vermifuge

Nettles – Urtica dioica Ache, Ache(Back), Alopecia, Anodyne, Asthma, Astringent, Ataxia(Locomotor), Blood, Bronchitis, Bruise, Burn, Cancer, Catarrh, Chest, Cholecystitis, Cholengitis, Constipation, Cough, Counterirritant, Dandruff, Depurative, Diuretic, Dropsy, Dyspnea, Emmenagogueue, Epilepsy, Epistaxis, Evil-Eye, Fit, Gout, Hair-Tonic, Hematemesis, Hematoptysis, Hemoptysis, Hemorrhage, Hemostat, Homeopathy, Insanity, Massage, Menorrhagia, Paralysis, Parturition, Purgative, Rheumatism, Shampoo, Shigellosis, Sore, Sprain, Stimulant, Stomachic, Suppository, Swelling, Tea, Tonic, Tumor, Urticaria, Vasoconstrictor, Vermifuge, Wound

Orange Bitters – Citrus aurantium Abdomen, Ache, Ache(Stomach), Antidote, Antifertility, Anodyne, Antiseptic, Aperitif, Bactericide, Bubo, Cancer, Cancer(Breast), Cancer(Stomach), Carminative, Chest, Congestion, Deobstruent, Depurgative, Diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Dyspepsia, Dyspnea, Emmenagogue, Expectorant, Fever, Freckle, Fungicide, Gall-Bladder, Gas, Heart, Hemostat, Hypertension, Laxative, Liver, Medicine, Megalospleny, Menorrhagia, Mouthwash, Nausea, Nerve, Nervine, Marasmus, Oliguria, Panacea, Pectoral, Pimple, Prolapse, Purgative, Rectocele, Refrigerant, Rib, Scurvy, Sedative, Shampoo, Sore, Spasm, Splenitis, Stimulant, Stomach, Stomachic, Styptic, Sudorific, Tea, Thirst, Thrush, Tonic, Tranquilizer, Urogenital, Uterus, Vermifuge

Papaya – Carica papaya Abortifacient, Ache(Head), Amebicide, Anodyne, Antibiotic, Antiphlogistic, Arthritis, Asthma, Bactericide, Boil, Cancer, Cardiac, Cardiotonic, Cholagogue, Colic, Constipation, Corn, Decoagulant, Diarrhea, Digestive, Diphtheria, Diuretic, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Dysuria, Ecbolic, Elephantiasis, Emmenagogueue, Enteritis, Epithelioma, Expectorant, Fever, Flu, Freckle, Fumitory, Fungicide, Gravel, Hemoptysis, Hypertension, Infection, Itch, Laxative, Leucoderma, Liver, Longevity, Madness, Oliguria, Pectoral, Pediculicide, Psoriasis, Rheumatism, Ringworms, Scorpion, Soap, Sore, Splenitis, Stomachic, Suppurative, Tea, Tenderizer, Toothhache, Tuberculosis, Tumor, Tumor(Uterus), Ulcer, Venereal, Vermifuge, Wart, Wound

Pata de Vaca – Bauhinia forticata Diabetes, Diuretic, Tonic

Pau d’Arco – Tabebuia impetiginosa Allergies, Antifungal, Arthritis , Antimutagenic, Boils, Cancer, Candidia, Diabetes, Dysentery, Eczema, Fever, Hodgkin’s Disease, Infections, Leukemia, Prostatitis, Rheumatism, Stomatitis, Syphilis, Ulcers, Warts, Wounds

Pedra Hume Caa – Myrcia salicifolia Diabetes

Periwinkle – Vinca minor Astringent, Bactericide, Carminative, Catarrh, Collyrium, Depurative, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysentery, Eczema, Emetic, Hemostat, Hypertension, Lactifuge, Lactogogue, Menorrhagia, Phthisis, Pile, Scalp, Scurvy, Sedative, Skin, Spasmolytic, Tea, Tumor(Uvula)

Picao Preto – Bidens pilosa Abscess, Ache(head), Ache(stomach), Ache(tooth), Aftosa, Allergy, Amygdalitis, Angina, Anti-inflammatory, Antidote, Astringent, Bite(Snake), Blenorrhagia, Boil, Bronchitis, Cancer, Carminative, Catarrh, Childbirth, Chills, Cold, Colic, Conjunctivitis, Cough, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea, Ear, Edema, Emmenagogue, Emollient, Eye, Fever, Food-Poison, Heat-Rash, Hepatitis, Hepatoprotective, Inflammation, Intestine, Intoxicant, Itch, Jaundice, Lactogogue, Laryngitis, Leucorrhea, Liver, Liver(Obstructions), Mycosis, Obesity, Pectoral, Rheumatism, Sclerosis(Glands), Sialogogueue, Sore, Sore(mouth), Stomach, Stomatitis, Styptic, Throat(Sore), Tonsilitis, Toothache, Urinary Infections, Urticaria , Vaginal Infections, Vulnerary, Weightloss, Worms, Wounds

Quillaja – Quillaja saponaria Bronchitis, Cardiodepressant, Detergent, Diuretic, Expectorant, Poison, Shampoo, Skin, Soap, Sternutatory, Stimulant

Quinine Bark – Cinchona officinalis Adenopathy, Alcoholism, Amebiasis, Anemia, Anesthetic, Anti-cramp, Anti-protozoal, Antimalarial, Antipyretic, Antiseptic, Antiviral, Appetite Stimulant, Arrhythmia, Astringent, Bactericidal, Bitter, Cancer, Cardiotonic, Carditis, Colds, Contraceptive, Dandruff, Debility, Diarrhea, Digestive Disorders, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Enlarged Spleen, Fatigue, Febrifuge, Fevers, Flatulence, Flu, Gallbladder Disorders, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Hairloss, Hangover, Headaches, Heart Palpitations, Hemorrhoids, Insecticide, Leg Cramps, Liver Disorders, Lumbago, Malaria, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Pertussis, Pile, Pinworms, Pneumonia, Polymyalgia, Repellant(insect), Schizonticide, Sciatica, Septicemia, Sore Throat, Stimulant, Stomachic, Stomatitis, Tonic, Tumor(glands), Typhoid, Uterotonic, Varicose Veins, Varicosity

Samambaia – Polypodium lepidopteris Abscess, Boil, Cancer, Cold, Cough, Cough(Whooping), Fever, Flu, Gout, Pectoral, Purgative, Renal, Rheumatism, Respiratory, Sudorific, Tumor, Urinary Infections, Venereal

Sangre de Grado – Croton lechieri Antifungal, Cicatrizant, Hemostat, Fever, Fracture, Gum, Leucorrhea, Piles,Tumor, Ulcer, Wounds

Sarsaparilla – Smilax officinalis Aphrodisiac, Androgenic, Hormonal, Steroidal, Stomachic, Alterative, Apertif, Aphrodisiac, Blood, Burn, Cancer, Conjunctivitis, Depurative, Diaphoretic, Diuretic, Diaphoretic, Emetic, Fever, Psoriasis, Leprosy, Impotence, Inflammation, Purgative, Rash, Rheumatism, Scrofula, Skin, Spasm, Sterility, Stimulant, Sudorific, Syphilis, Toothache, Tonic

Simaruba – Simarouba amara Ache(Body), Amebiasis, Amebicide, Anemia, Anodyne, Colic, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Dyspepsia, Dyspepsia, Emetic, Emmenagogueue, Fever, Gonorrhea, Intoxicant, Malaria, Purgative, Rheumatism, Soap, Stomachic, Sudorific, Vermifuge

Stevia – Stevia rebaudiana Contraceptive, Sweetner

Suma – Pfaffia paniculata Aphrodisiac, Cancer, Endocrine, Muscle Growth, Tonic, Tumor

Tayuya – Cayaponia ficifolia Ache(Head), Acne, Analgesic, Arthritis, Blenorrhagia, Bowel, Constipation, Debility, Detoxifier, Diarrhea, Digestion, Diuretic, Dyspepsia, Eczema, Edema, Epilepsy, Erysclepia, Eye(Sore), Fatigue, Fever, Gout, Herpes, Hydropsy, Liver, Metabolism, Neuralgia, Purgative, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Skin, Spleen, Syphilis, Tonic, Tumor(Joint), Ulcer, Wound

Tiririca – Cyperus rotundus Abdomen, Ache(Head), Ache(Stomach), Alterative, Amenorrhea, Analgesic, Anodyne, Aphrodisiac, Astringent, Bactericide, Bite(Scorpion), Bladder, Bowel, Cancer(Cervix), Carminative, Chest, Circulation, Cold, Congestion, Demulcent, Depression, Diaphoretic, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysmenorrhea, Dyspepsia, Edema, Emmenagogueue, Emollient, Energy, Fever, Fungistatic, Gastralgia, Gravel, Hair-Tonic, Hemicrania, Hypertension, Impotency, Inflammation, Lactogogue, Leucorrhea, Medicine, Menoxenia, Metritis, Metroxenia, Perfume, Side, Sore, Stimulant, Stomach, Stomachic, Stone, Tonic, Tranquilizer, Trauma, Tumor(Abdomen), Ulcer, Vasodilator, Vermifuge, Virility, Wound

Tumeric – Curcuma longa Abscess, Amenorrhea, Antibilious, Balsamic, Bite(Leech), Bruise, Catarrh, Chickenpox, Cholagogueue, Cold, Colic, Congestion, Conjunctivitis, Cosmetic, Depurative, Dermatosis, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysentery, Escharotic, Fumitory, Gonorrhea, Gravel, Hemostat, Hepatosis, Jaundice, Lactagogue, Parturition, Pyuria, Scabies, Smallpox, Sore, Stomachic, Swelling, Tonic, Urogenital, Vulnerary, Wound

Vassourinha – Scoparia dulcis Ache(Ear), Ache(Head), Albuminuria, Amygdalosis, Anemia, Antidote, Antiseptic, Astringent, Bite(Snake), Blennorrhagia, Bronchitis, Bruise, Conjunctivitis, Cough, Depurative, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Diuretic, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea, Eczema, Emetic, Evil-Eye, Expectorant, Fever, Gonorrhea, Gravel, Grip, Herpes, Hypercholesterolemia, Hyperglycemia, Inflammation, Insecticide, Jaundice, Ketonuria, Kidney, Labor, Mange, Marasmus, Menorrhagia, Metroxenia, Nerve, Ophthalmia, Opium-substitute, Pile, Purgative, Rash, Refrigerant, Retinitis, Sore, Sore(Throat), Spasm, Stomachache, Syphilis, Toothhache, Tumor, Venereal, Wound

Yerba Mate – Ilex paraguayiensis Aperient, Astringent, Coffee, Depurative, Digestion, Diuretic, Fatigue, Heart, Obesity, Nervine, Purgative, Rheumatism Scurvy, Stimulant, Stomachic, Sudorific, Tonic, Tea, Urinary

Zanga Tempo – Anthurium crassinervium Wart

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