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Male Plus & Muira Puama

Subject: Thank You! From CB.

My order of herbs arrived pronto. The quantities were correct or were overweight. I am not sure whether to compliment you on your accuracy or generosity. All ladies must stop reading this letter at this point; the following is “guys only”. I am fifty some odd years old and railing against time. The verility herbs are great. I may medal in the next Olympic pole vault. Wonders never stop. Thank you for your products. From the sunny beach / affection capitol of the world – CB

Subject: Thank You! From: RH.

Recently, I ordered the above products, as an experiment, as a substitute for Viagra. While neither the Viagra, nor your products, are miracle cures, I would like to express my appreciation for your products. While using your products, I have experienced very similar results, as when using Viagra. Male Plus The big difference is the side effects. Your products show NONE, while those of the prescription drug, can be many. In my case, difficulty in breathing, blocked nasal passages, and often headache. Thank you for making such products as yours available to the public in need. RH

Subject: Thank You! From: DL.

I just ordered two more bottles of your muira puama extract. Muira Puama I just wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed dealing with such a professional organization. Your product is just great. My experiences in ordering over the internet have been less than satisfactory in the past. But your product and service was better than anticipated. Much thanks and keep up the good work. DL

P.S.: Please put me on your mailing list if you come out with more products. Thanks!!

Subject: Thank You! From: RB.

Thanks for your assistance on the Muira puama. I have tried the RainTree preparation and I like it over the Herb Pharm I was using. I have gotten several folks interested in Muira puama, and several email me each week asking about it. People are buying it from a variety of sources, and since I hadn’t tried your before I have not attempted to sway anyone in any particular direction.

Would RainTree be interested in offering a discount or perhaps free shipping to anyone who ordered using my name as a reference? I feel confident that I can send several long term users your way. I know of two folks that have already ordered from you as a result of my suggestions. You could simply call it the “RB” price — I would tell people to say “RB referred them”. I’m not interested in any commissions or other reward, just a better buy for interested folks. Looking forward to your reply -RB


From a Doctor’s Exchange Listserve at Columbia University:

Dear Robin,

I’ve had good results from a formula called Jaguara Amazon Formula for Women from Raintree.Jaguara It combines several rainforest herbs that are quite effective at enhancing libido, and also have a hormone balancing effect. I have one patient who has been using it for several years to treat menopausal symptoms with good results. Raintree’s website has excellent information on the individual herbs in the formula, and also sells it online.Best wishes,

J King, M.D.

I need some serious suggestions for improving female libido, specifically post children and definitely post menopause. Aside from various behavioral improvements (sleep, counseling, romantic setting, etc.), are there any herbal remedies which are effective/safe? I see no across the board improvement in patients with hormone replacement, oral contraceptive, on black cohosh and soy, on ginseng or any other typical remedy we use for these populations to solve other problems related to hormone shifts. Any ideas? RB, MD Gyn, Long Island, New York

Amazon Passion Anointing Oil

Subject: Thank You! From K.J.

Dear Leslie, I just wanted to let you know about the reactions that I’ve noticed to your new concoction. The first time my girlfriend wore it I had an immediate and intense response to it. The aroma conjured up visions of the tropical paradises that you see in travel brochures – you know – the idyllic ones where a man and his woman are alone on a romantic beach … It was that intense. Amazon Passion We experimented with it for the next several hours and they were filled with a sensuality that I had not felt in a long time. Since then we have given a few samples to our friends and they have reported the same type of reactions. This is a very powerful attractant and both men and women seem to be susceptible to it. In addition to the powerful sexual attraction it elicits there also seems to be a calming, mild euphoric aromatherapy quality to it. You’ve got a definite winner on your hands. Good luck, K.J.

Hand written letter from Sue

Hi Leslie, Your Amazon Passion Annointing Oil gives me great pleasure and makes me feel very special each time I wear it. It also gives me a sense of confidence with a “scent” that is uniquely mine. You will want to know that on the first day of wearing it, I met a man who meets my every need, We have been dating ever since then. You’ll laugh about this, but that very same week (within 4 days), I was asked out by 4 different men. One, the first, was my new friend; the second was a man I’d had dinner with a couple of times; the third was a man I’d known for 4 years – he finally asked me out; and the 4th was a highschool friend I had not seen or heard from in 42 years. Needless to say, I was thrilled and of course excited. Was this magic potion really working? Thank you for sharing your special find and your experiences. I’ll update you on new happenings. Just know that I feel so good when I wear it, and so do my friends when I share it and they wear it. The smell is wonderful! Sue

Subject: Thank You! From Jeff.

Wonderful stuff! Effects are two fold: Wearing it yourself creates a playful constant tapping at the door of one’s libido. The fragrance is an ever present reminder that we are VERY sexual beings. Causes one to think of their lover with definite longing. It seems to have a cumulative effect if applied daily. Sexual encounters become much more intense and longer in duration. And certainly greater frequency.(See Amazon Passion) When my partner wears Amazon Passion I feel ALL these sensations in an amplified way. It creates a very playful intoxicating mood. Every time I catch the slightest scent of my partner wearing Amazon Passion it transports me back to our last love making in an incredibly vivid physical way. I just cannot wait to be with her again. A cautionary note: Just as you would not taunt a lion, only wear Amazon Passion if you “mean business”. It is going to create some very interesting opportunities. Be ready! Jeff

Subject: Thank You! From T.D.

Hi Leslie, Had a date, fresh new person, wore the passion resin, I’m 45 and all I can do is “blush”. Have not had a “date” like that in a LONG TIME so it works !!!!!! As the evening grew on and I was worn out it did smell very much like cedar – citrus. So sign me up a year’s supply. *wink* Our secretary got the sample and she is dating a new person two weeks later and had not dated in a while!!!! My best, TD

Subject: Thank You! From L.T.. Subject: That wonderful resin!!

Leslie, Are you selling that resin stuff you gave me a sample of yet??? That stuff is incredible! I want more! I’ve never gotten so much male attention in my life! When I wear it, no matter where I go… the grocery store, cleaners, even walmart, men follow me around every where! I’ve been asked out on a date by complete strangers 5 times now and everytime I was wearing the resin. I even had one (way cute) guy come up to me in the grocery store, grab me and bury his face in my neck and say…. wow!!! what are you wearing??? Amazon PasionAt first, I thought maybe it was just me and since I just feel more sexy wearing it, it was what I was putting out there. But I keep having guys comment on the smell where ever I go. All this new male attention certainly makes me feel more desirable and it does wonders for the ego so that’s got to help too. Hey, what can I say… juggling dates now after such a long dry spell is fantastic! I even have a long time platonic male friend who smelled it on me for the first time and said… wow, what are you wearing and why do I suddenly want to lick it off you??? hahahaha! So email me back and let me know how I can get some more… quick! I’m almost out of the sample you gave me. I’ll pay! Come to think of it, this will make great christmas presents for all my single girlfriends… will you give me a volume discount?? Let me know! L.T.

Clava Huasca

Subject: Thank You! From L.R.

Finding Clavo was an incredible experience for me. I have always had a good sex life and didn’t think I needed it. I’m thrilled I decided to experiment with Clavo! I was amazed at the change in my orgasms! Clavo brought my sexual experience to a whole new dimension of fullfillment and enjoyment. The level of sensuality and playfulness was amazing. Clavo Huasca I had no idea sex could get better. What fun! Now all my married friends are trying Clavo to renew the excitemnet in their sex lives. It also provides alot of fun girlchat! Thanks Raintree. From L.R.

Chanca peidra

Subject: Thank You! From Tilden

To: “Customer Service” OK, thanks. My kidney stone after bothering me for a month came out 2 days after taking the stuff. My friend who also had kidney stones got rid of his stones 2 days after starting to take it. Seems like it really works! Tilden

Cat’s Claw

Subject: Thank You! From H.K.

Dear Leslie, Thanks so much for your recommendation and your product! The cat’s claw liquid extract Cat’s Claw cleared up my 8 month old granddaughter’s ear infection in less than two days – and without any of the normal antibiotics! You are wonderful! Warm regards and many thanks, HK

Jatoba, Rainforest Ginseng and Catuaba

Subject: Thank You! From B.A.

Posted in the Raintree Guestbook: I’m deligted to have found your beautiful site. My first order came in quickly, and I was surprised and pleased to find (a) Jatoba effectivlely attacked previously very tenacious nail and toe fungal infections and (b) Rainforest Ginseng gave me by far the best herbal “lift” of any herbal substance yet tried. It provides smooth, sustained energy which is non-jittery, with greatly improved clarity and concentration – a true natural wonder. Thank you for making such outstanding supports for the mind and body available. B.A.

Subject: Thank You! From A.C.

Dear Leslie, Hope you are well and not working too hard.I can report here the woman suffering from chronic fatigue made a complete recovery within a week of taking catuaba. I gave another woman Jatoba who was suffering from fatigue and arthritic pains from years of overwork, she is significantly improved in a week. It would be an interesting exercise to analyse these herbs in terms of Chinese medicine syndromes, has anyone done it? A.C.Australia

Myco + Products

Subject: Thank you From Dr. W., M.D. 4 Jun 2001.

To: Leslie, Hi. Wanted to let you know that the Myco has already successfully treated at least one issue I was having. I had developed a “colitis”, likely bacterial but I had not yet gotten studies. As I had the Myco available and had seen it has a strong antibacterial profile and as I was going to use it anyway to treat my general mycoplasma infections, I wanted to see if it would affect my bowel. Within 2 days of starting it, my colon spasms significantly decreased and after 1 week are virtually gone. I will still probably send stool specimens just to see if any parasites are there but symptomatically I’m improved (even though I did not get the Myco specifically for this issue). I’m assuming it was a bacterial overgrowth but it may also have been parasitic (although the herbs in the formula appear to be more antibacterial than antiparasitic). Anyway, I’m pleased that I feel better and wanted to pass this along. I’m continuing on the product and will see what long term benefits it has in terms of my CFS. Best regards, D.

Posted in the Raintree Guestbook.

I purchased your 3 products to fight mycoplasma. At first it felt like all hell broke loose in my body, but I remembered your admonition that this was good because it meant that the products were finding the mycoplasma to fight. That calmed down after about 3 days. After 30 days I began to have an exciting turn around. I still have 3 weeks to go on my first two month supply. I had both knees replaced and after 3+1/2 years I was still in great pain, with my legs still swollen and hot. I believe they got the arthritis but not the mycoplasmas. I had begun a treatment program to kill the mycoplasmas before I found your products and that began to put them on the move to my heart and my right eye. I was hospitalized for my heart but they could find nothing except the symptoms of chest pain and a rapid resting heart rate. I lost substantial sight in one eye and had a lot of glue-like discharge. After 30 days on the 3 bottles, My legs are stronger, may pain is reduced. I no longer need the beta-blockers for my heart. The discharge in my eye is now becoming more like a natural tear. Thank you so much. I am trying to share this with others who have the autoimmune diseases that can come from or accompany mycoplasmas. I have twin sons with PSC, the liver disease which football’s Walter Peyton died. I am hoping your products will be a key for my sons. ???Have you ever heard from someone with PSC, Primary Schlerosing Cholongitis, who did have results with this approach??? A. B. September 12, 2001 Subject: Thank You! From: Lora L. Subject: Re: update on vitiligo. May 23, 2001

Dear Leslie, I am so excited to share with you the results that my daughter is experiencing with the use of your anti-mycoplasma products. She began to repigment within two weeks of using the products. Her face close to her hair line was beginning to lose pigmentation, now you can’t even tell, it is all filled in. We have notice every part of her body has noticeable repigmentation except for her legs and the tops of her feet… hopefully that is just a matter of time. I am trying to spread the word to others that I know who’s children have vitiligo… but they are true skeptics… this is very frustrating… You are a blessing to my daughter. I thank you for all of your dedication regarding your research and persistence. My other daughter uses your allergy support and she has not suffered any allergies since using the products. She was on Allegra and a nasal spray.. but not any longer. Every summer, she also gets white patches on her face that has been diagnosed as fungus. We are trying the anti-fungal supplements and hope the results will also be wonderful. I will keep you updated about my daughter’s vitiligo and will send you before and after pictures. Yours truely, Lora

Subject: vitiligo-myco question From: Lora L.

Date: Aug 03 2001

Hi Leslie, Remember me… this is Lora who’s 8 year old daughter has vitiligo. Since May 2001 we have been using cold/flu 3 times a day cats claw 2 times a day and myco+ one dropper a day. The results have been incredible and continue to see repigmenting almost daily. My question… Is there a limit on the length of time that you can use Myco+, or is it indefinite…. I thought I recall 6 months being the limit. Have you noticed an increase in the vitiligo questions and orders for Myco?! There is a vitiligo support sight that we have been sharing information regarding your products. Thanks Leslie. Lora.N-TENSE-2

Subject:Truly Thankful. Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002.

Dear Leslie, I wrote to you several months back about my father and the effect your products, Intense in particular, had on him. When you offered Intense 2, aimed at those with leukemia, we had to try it. My father has been taking Intense 2 since you began to offer it. His platelet count was always down and getting worse before starting to take Intense. The count has been up since he started taking it. About two months ago he ran out and never said anything. He had an appointment about two weeks later. They took blood and told him his count had dropped and that was not good. I found out he had run out of the Intense 2 and reordered it for him. Three weeks after he started taking it again he had another blood test. His blood count was back up. The doctor said he couldn’t understand how that could be. We know it was the Intense 2. I understand that this is not a wonder drug and certainly not a cure but it has helped an 80 year old keep going for awhile longer. For this I am truely thankful to you and you company.

Amazon Support Formulas

Amazon A – V & Jergon Sacha

Subject: Hepatitis C Viral Count/load From: “David O”

Lesley, Dr. T gave me a new blood test etc. My blood chemistry is excellent, and… My Hepatitis C viral count went from 2-3 million parts per ml. to 600 to 5000 parts per ml. Isn’t that GREAT! Anyway do you think I should continue to take your supplements (Amazon A-V and Jergon Sacha). I figure it will only help me in the long run. I know your busy, please e-mail me when you get a chance. In your debt, David O. Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002.

Gall Bladder Support Formula

Subject: Gall Bladder Support Formula…. Great Product

I just wanted to thank you for your Gall Bladder Support Formula I was diagnosed with gallstones (CT SCAN proven). As a last resort (I really did not want to have my gallbladder removed) I tried your gallbladder formula. It worked like a charm…so much so that I forgot I even had gallbladder problems….thanks. Feel free to use this letter as a testimonial. Sincerely, Dr. G W. K. Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001

Skin-P Support formula

Subject: Skin-P Psoriasis Support formula

Thank you for your quick response. I already called and ordered the re-named product Skin-A Support. This stuff really works. I have had Psoriasis on my hands, elbows and knees for over 50 years and have tried over 100 different methods of treatment, including cortizone shots, directly in the affected areas, which works for a while but returns later on. Since taking your formula, the areas have cleared up approximately 40%. I am very pleased with this product and WILL continue to use it. Thanks again. J.B.

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002

Graviola and Joint Support

Subject:Graviola and Joint Support

Posted in the Raintree Guestbook for comments: I have been using the Graviola and Joint Support, let me tell you it’s been great. I’ve disposed of my medication, I’M off it over three month’s. I want to thank Raintree nutrition. J. C.

April 18, 2001 Subject:My Dog & Joint Support

My brother, John Rollins, told me about you and your capsules. You recommended the Joint Support capsules for my much loved Golden Retriever Chessy, who is ten years old. She suffers from arthritis and hip problems. I have been giving her the capsules for three weeks and have seen a marked improvement. She can now rise much more easily and scratch using her back feet without being in pain. I know that there are those that think I should not be so concerned about an animal but she is part of the family. She is lying here beside me as I compose this message as she is goes wherever I go. I am going to try to convince my husband to try the pills for the arthritis he has in his back. He is in constant pain and hates to take any kind of medication. All the doctors do is prescribe pain medication that makes him sleepy. Thank you again, E. C.

Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001.

Liver Support

Subject:My Dog & Liver Support

Monday, November 25, 2002 09:24

Hi Les, You may remember about 6 weeks ago you kindly rushed me an order for Liver Support capsules for our dog. She has been an unstable diabetic for 2 years and recently she was tested for liver function and our vet (who is highly capable) diagnosed she was well downthe road of Obstructive Liver disease.

She was shivering, her urine was fluorescent orange and tests indicated herbiliruben count in urine was very high, indicating failing liver function. She has been on the Liver support for 6weeks.As I speak,amazingly, her dibetes has stabilised for the first time ever and she is far brighter in herself. Even more surprising is the fact that her recent urine tests indicate her liver function has improved, and dramatically.

Your remedy is the only factor which has changed in her lifestyle in the past 6 weeks. Both my wife and I are truly amazed at the improvement shown. We hoped that your remedy might have slowed the symptoms for a while, certainly nothing like the improvements we have seen.Amazing. Our vet too is pretty surprised! Thank you N H

Thanks for your note – 02 January 2003 09:01 The dog who went on the Liver support should have been dead by Xmas according to the Vet (Obstructive Liver Disease). Amazingly she is absolutely wonderful, full of health, feeding well and bouncing around like a pup !. Since she went on the Liver Support she has never looked back. A Happy New Year to you, and so many thanks for your help with our dog. N.H.

January 02, 2003

Cat’s Claw, Prostate Formula, Immune Support Formula

Subject: Benefits of Cat’s Claw, Prostate Formula, Immune Support Formula

Subject: Thank You! From F.J.

Dear Leslie and Staff: Thanks for helping me with the correct dosage of the above herbal formulas. I have been fighting prostate cancer for four years with an initial PSA of 60.6, and have been on a number of dietary and herbal regimens since diagnosis. I stayed on each diet for six to twelve months to see what effects each diet had on my level of energy, and control of the cancer. Many of the supplements, herbs or foods caused intial increases in energy for a few weeks to a month or so, however, there was always a dip in my energy after that time. Though I have been doing quite well other than the fatigue that has occurred periodically for short periods of time, until I began using your products, I did not have the pep that I was looking for. My work involves a lot of exercise in various sports, and I noted that since taking your products I now have a dramatically improved level of energy lasting throughout the day. I haven’t had any of the periodic levels of lethargy in the late afternoon for the past several months, and actually have to slow down lately. I have also noted a vastly improved digestive process, am able to subsist on less food than before because of weakness from leaky gut syndrome, and now have the athletic ability I had when I was a teenager (in my work, I engage in hard sports with teens between 13 and 18, including baseball, football, basketball, and am able to run six miles with no difficulty). I am 52 years old, have no gray hair and a body fat content of 15%. I credit the lack of gray hair to the anti-toxemia programs I have used over the years, which I unfortunately didn’t begin until I was in my early thirties. There was also one other visible physical change I’ve noted since taking your product, which affected a small but convoluted varicose vein on the inside of my left ankle (which I have been advised corresponds to a meridian point for the prostate gland). Keep in mind that I have no other visible degenerative signs of aging on my body except for that angry little vein, which started to develop about eight years ago. It has now reverted to nearly its normal size in the past few months since I began taking your products. I will keep you informed if this change is permanent. I am writing a book on my experience with PC, and will definitely write about your products as important (perhaps essential) to my recovery. Thanks very much for your dedication to bringing your product to us from the Peruvian Rain Forest, and I look forward to continued use of your products. Sincerely, F.J.

Allergy Support Formulas

People are passing your Allergy Support Formula around. Allergy formula (now renamed to Sinus Support)

Two friends of mine, Dale and Kristine, wanted me to be sure to tell “whoever made these pills” that they knocked out their cedar fever in just a few hours. I gave them your address and told them stock up. I’ve also run into 2 more people (David and his wife, Jan) who’ve got good results with the diabetes tea I originally gave to two other people. Robert

Anti-Stress and Anti-Depression Formulas

Renamed CALM Support & MOOD support

Subject: Thank You! From L.R.

I recently went through a terrible phase of my life. I lost my brother, a litle girl I was surrogate Mom to and my beloved cat within a short period of time. There were days when I felt I couldn’t get out of bed. I felt totally incapcitated. When I combined the stress, depression and energy formulas together it shifted my outlook from hopelessness to a normal sadness. Anti-Stress formula Anti-Depression formula Energy formula It enabled me to carry on with my life in a more healthy way and to deal with the heart breaking losses I had suffered from a place of calm instead of total overwhelm. It helped me face each new day with clearer vision that I would be ok, that in time I would heal. The formulas balanced my emotions so that I could carry on with my life. Now I only use when I feel I need them, which has subsided a lot quicker than I thought possible. Thanks again L.R.

Cold and Flu Support

By personal letter:

Dear Raintree:

Enclosed is a check for 10 packages of Cold and Flu Support. Cold and Flu Support formula It knocked out the flu my wife and I both had within two days. We both had tried several other over the counter drugs the pharmacist recommended and suffered through with no relief. We’re sending out these packages to all our loved ones for Christmas. No one should suffer when they don’t have to! Thanks for such a great products!

Merry Christmas!Mr. & Mrs. BKL

Hair Support Formula

Subject: Hey Take a Look at This! From Pete

Dear Leslie, I am SO impressed with your Hair Support formula. I took a “before” picture when I first started taking it. Now only 10 days later, I can’t believe how much new hair I have and took another picture. My friends from New Zealand have been visiting me and watching it grow (and taking the pictures for me). They want to know if they can distribute your products in New Zealand after seeing my new hair! I’ll email you more pictures as I keep taking the formula, but I’m impressed already.Thanks again, Pete.

Subject: Thank You! From Tom H.

Dear Leslie:

Just a quick thank you note to acknowledge the effectiveness of your Hair Support Formula. I have used several of your other Support Formulas with great success but must admit that I was skeptical that anything could be effective against the onslaught of classic male pattern balding.

However, within weeks the balding at the top of my scalp is completely filled in with new hair and even my hairline has slowly begun to show signs of new hair growth. My hair, in general has taken on a much better feel and texture.The only problem is that my scheduled 6 weeks between hair appointments is going to have to be reduced to 4 weeks if I stay on your formula, which I can assure you that I intend to do.

Thank you again for such a wonderful product. Best regards, Tom H

Diabetes Tea Now Pancreas & Diabetes Support

Subject: Thank you for the Diabetes Tea

Dear Leslie:

It was a pleasure to speak with you last Saturday. Thanks again for giving me a bag of Diabetes Tea. I want to tell you my experience with your Diabetes Tea mixture. Diabetes Support formula now Pancreas Support FormulaMy diabetologist has diagnosed me as having “difficult” NIDDM. I take the maximum dosages of two different kinds of diabetic drugs and have had to take insulin for periods of a month or two. Even maxing out meds and insulin, keeping to a strict diet, and exercising 90-120 minutes a day 5 days a week, I tend to have very high sugars. I have tried a number of herbal remedies for diabetes with limited success (the majority of them make it worse), but within 24 hours after taking the first cup of Diabetes Tea my fasting blood sugars fell to 74 mg/dl, their absolute lowest level in 3 years. I had sugars of 74-94 mg/dl for several days. This is lower than my usual 107-188.

Then Thursday I came down with a cold. This is a good opportunity to test the value of the tea. Ordinarily, my sugars would rise to at least 180-230 mg/dl, if not 400-450 mg/dl, when I’m sick, but this time they’ve only reached 129.

Looking at my numbers and having read the literature on the individual herbs in the tea, I think many people could use the Diabetes Tea as their sole treatment. In my case, it may make the difference between controlling diabetes well enough to avoid immediate crises and controlling diabetes well enough to avoid long-term complications. It’s certainly a product I would recommend, and it’s a product I’ll be back for. Thank you! RR

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