Amazon Vitality (traditional use - Cell Level Protection)
A Combination of 8 powerful herbs that help to keep your cells young, healthy and vital with this dynamic formula of rainforest plants, that have been documented with cellular protective actions for the skin, brain, liver, kidneys, gastric tract, heart, and immune system. Not to be taken during pregnancy or while breast feeding
Anamu Capsules (traditional use - Cancer & leukemia)
Anamu is traditionally used against cancer and leukemia and to stimulate immune functions. Other uses :- for colds, flu and viruses. For candidiasis and other yeast infections. In addition it is also reputed to be helpful for urinary tract infections.
Blood Support (traditional use - Healthy Cholesterol Levels)
A combination of 7 plants which have been traditionally used to support healthy blood cholesterol levels.
Bowel Support (traditional use - Healthy Bowel Functions)
A synergistic formula of 7 rainforest botanicals traditionally used in South America for bowel function.
Caigua Capsules   (traditional use - High Cholersterol & Circulation Issues)
For high cholesterol, hypertension, tonsilitis, arteriosclerosis, circulatory problems, diabetes and as a diuretic.
Cat's Claw Capsules  Uncaria tomentosa
Is traditionally used as a bowel cleanser and anti-inflammatory for Crohn’s, colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other bowel problems. It has also been found to be very effective as an immune stimulant and an adjunctive therapy for cancer (to reduce side effects of chemotherapy and protect cells) It is also an anti carcinogenic in it's own right.
Chanca Piedra Capsules (traditional use - Can Dissolve Kidney Stones Painlessly)
In one study carried out by Dr. Weimann who kept careful records of his case studies, he stated. In ninety four percent of people suffering with 'Kidney Stones', Chanca Peidra had completely eliminiated the calculi within a week or two. Its Peruvian name, chanca piedra, means "stone breaker" and is widely known throughout South America and the Amazon. This is because e of the way it can break down and dissolve kidney stones and allow's them to 'pass through' painlessly.
CNS Support  (traditional use - Pain Relief)
A synergistic formula of 6 rainforest botanicals traditionally used in South America for pain reief and to support the central nervous system. This offers an asprin free pain relief
Gallbladder Support (traditional use - Support the Gallbladder Function)
A synergistic formula of rainforest botanicals traditionally used in South America for gallbladder function.
Graviola Capsules   (traditional use - All Types of Cancer)
A powerful herb described in the HSI as being 10,000 times stronger that some chemo drugs. Traditionally used for cancer -All types
Graviola Max   (traditional use - Cancer - All Types)
A combination of two powerful graviola herbs described in the HSI as being 10,000 times stronger that some chemo drugs. Traditionally used for cancer - All types.
Heart Support (traditional use - Heart & Blood Pressure)
Traditionally used in South America for the heart and to maintain healthy blood pressure levels, (Hypertension)
Immune Support (traditional use - An Immune System Booster)
Seven rainforest botanicals to support the immune system, when taken regularly these provide a big boost to your Immune system making you more able to fight off illness and ailments.
Myco Capsules (traditional use - For Mycoplasmal Infections)
Several plants in this formula have been documented to reduce blood pressure in animal studies. Individuals with low blood pressure should be monitored for this possible effect. All of the plants in this formula have demonstrated antimicrobial (antimycoplasmal, antibacterial, & antimycobacterial) effects in laboratory studies. Supplementing the diet with probiotics and digestive enzymes is advisable when this formula is used for longer than 30 days.
N-Tense  (traditional use - May Help Against Cancer)  Now Available
This proprietary and unique formula contains 50% graviola combined with 7 other plants that have similar properties and actions as graviola. Most find this unique blend of rainforest plants to have synergistic actions and provide better results than graviola alone.
N-Tense-2  (traditional use - Treatment of Leukemia)
Traditionally used in the treatment of leukemia / leukaemia and is best used in combination with the Amazon Lymph Support
Pancreas Support (traditional use - Helps With Blood Sugar Levels)
A synergistic formula of 6 rainforest botanicals traditionally used in South America for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, has also shown some benefit for those with type 2 diabetes
Prostate Support (traditional use - To Maintain a Healthy Prostate)
A synergistic formula of 9 rainforest botanicals to nutritionally support prostate function, also to help those with an enlarged prostate gland.
Skin P support (traditional use - Skin Problems, Dermatitis Eczema etc)
A synergistic formula of rainforest botanicals that are traditionally used in South America for the skin during times of special needs. has traditionally been used for many skin conditions dermatitis, eczema etc
Spiro Capsules (traditional use - For Lyme Disease)
Spiro is a new herbal formula for Lyme Disease. In a recent study of a 100 people all with Lyme Disease that was diagnosed within the last 5 years the results were truly amazing. Now although retesting was not required at the end of the trial period, simply because Lyme disease testing can be very expensive, 10 of the participants chose to be tested. All 10 of them tested NEGATIVE!

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