Remedies from the Shaman’s Medicine Chest

Now you can naturally support a healthy body and lifestyle, with herbal remedies from the rainforest while supporting rainforest conservation! AMAZON SUPPORT© herbal formulas combines the ancient and empirical knowledge of the Amazon Rainforest indigenous tribes with the latest discoveries in herbal medicine and scientific plant extraction methods.

The formulas in this innovative product line contain a wealth of important and beneficial plants which have been used successfully for virtually centuries by rainforest shamans and healers to support the health and well being of their tribes. Many of these same plants have been researched and studied by scientists around the world.

This research has documented and validated the efficacy of the plant and its traditional uses time and time again.

AMAZON SUPPORT© herbal formulas not only brings the wealth of the shaman’s medicine chest of herbal remedies to consumers but it also represents the solution to support rainforest conservation and to help save the rainforest from destruction.

The rainforest botanical in Amazon Support have been sustainably harvested in the Amazon Rainforest by Indigenous Tribes and local rainforest communities.

Harvesting renewable resources like medicinal plants actually directly competes with the timber companies who destroy the rainforest for the timber it yields and supports conservation efforts.

Once the rainforest botanical are harvested, they are processed utilizing technologically advanced methods to extract and concentrate the active constituents of the plants.

The formulas in AMAZON SUPPORT RANGE © have been developed and are manufactured by Raintree Nutrition, – the specialists in rainforest botanicals. Unlike most herbal manufacturers who employ the same manufacturing methods regardless of the plant and its individual photochemistry, proprietary extraction and manufacturing methods have been developed for each plant and formula by Raintree.

Each botanical is processed individually utilizing the best method to concentrate the plant’s active ingredients and beneficial phytochemicals. This ensures the efficacy and beneficial results consumers will come to rely on in this new dynamic medicine chest of Amazon remedies.

More and more people are rediscovering herbal medicine and natural products and trying various formulas and products. Unfortunately, not every natural product works for every person exactly the same. Many factors can be involved… from varying quality ingredients and manufacturing methods, to general health conditions of individuals.

Please help us to save the Rainforests of the world. You know it makes sense!

Thank you for reading this, and for your support.

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