Cat’s Claw News

Published and Edited by Philip N. Steinberg, Certified Nutritional Consultant

Vol. 1 Issue 1 – May/June 1995

Thank You For Your Patience

There have been many unforeseen delays over the last several months in the finalizing and publishing of this first issue of the Cat’s Claw News. However, I believe you will find the information being shared in this newsletter well worth the wait.


Within the last year, many of you have read articles I have written about the wonderful properties of Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) in the Townsend Letter of Doctors, The Nutrition and Dietary Consultant, Explore and Explore More magazines, The Herb Quarterly, Health Store News, New Life, Health World and Healthy and Natural Journal. In some of these articles I did not explain how to use the herb or give information on protocols.

In working with the herb for about one and a half years, I am happy to report that people seem to be getting similar results whether using Cat’s Claw in tea, capsule or tablet form. Since the tea is quite bitter if brewed properly, capsules or tablets are preferred by most people.


There is not enough research available to be totally accurate here. However, what is presently available, seems to indicate that 2 to 6 grams daily in divided doses would be considered therapeutic if using capsules or tablets; the majority responding with 1 gram 3 times per day. According to one doctor, as much as 20 grams daily might be used for several weeks at a time in very advanced stages of pathology.

If using the tea, 1 to 1 1/2 quarts per day would probably be most effective. It should be strong, dark and bitter. I have used both tea and capsules with my own children and found that 1/3 to 1/2 the adult does has been effective for ear and upper respiratory infections with no side effects. As a precaution, the herb is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.


Phillip N. Steinberg is a graduate of The Nutritionists Institute of America and has been working in the natural products industry for almost twenty-five years. Doctors, nurses and students have attended his lectures and work-shops in alternative healing methods at Webster College (now Webster University), Forest Park Community College, The Ethical Society and various community centers throughout the St. Louis, MO area. He has owned and managed seven different health and natural food stores in St. Louis, MO and Chicago, IL.

At present, Mr. Steinberg is working as a consultant to the natural products industry and as free lance writer dealing with topics pertaining to nutrition and holistic health.


Cat’s Claw News is published bi-monthly for the purpose of keeping health practitioners as well as lay persons informed on any new information pertaining to Cat’s Claw and other interesting natural products that may benefit mankind.


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For a number of years there has been laws in Peru banning the extraction and exploration of the root of Uncaria tomentosa, because this practice destroys the vine. According to the government, the inner bark of the vine contains all the medicinal properties and will naturally replenish itself as long as the root remains intact. Until recently, the government has been somewhat lax in enforcing these laws.

However, because the world-wide demand for Uncaria tomentosa has literally exploded, the threat of extinction has become a real possibility. In fact, it has been estimated that this could occur within the next five years, if harvesting the root were allowed to continue. Consequently, the government of Peru is now taking steps to enforce the law and prevent this terrible tragedy.


There is one company claiming to be supplying a unique and superior variety of Cat’s Claw known as Uncaria tomentosa (Willd) DC in order to justify their price, which is more than double the price of several other legitimate suppliers.

Let’s make one thing very clear! There is only one variety of Uncaria tomentosa. The (Willd) DC designation is simply an abbreviation for the two botanists who originally discovered the plant and first described it in western literature.

There are approximately 60 different Uncaria species that grow in tropical rain forests throughout the world; but only one species of Uncaria tomemtosa with or without (Willd) DC on the end is immaterial. It is all the same! Uncaria tomentosa is Uncaria tomentosa is Uncaria tomentosa. Don’t be fooled by official looking seals. Anyone can create one.

Don’t be fooled by someone claiming that the root of Uncaria tomentosa is in some way superior to the inner bark. I have seen no evidence of this and as mentioned before, harvesting the root is illegal and puts future availablity of the herb in jeopardy.


Research is presently being conducted on the development of a variety of highly concentrated liquid, powdered, and standardized extracts of Uncaria tomentosa and containing other herbs and natural substances. Stay tuned to this newsletter for further information.


Intuition tells me that veterans and their family members who suffer from mystery illnesses might benefit from trying Cat’s Claw, because of evidence suggesting that the herb possesses powerful anit-viral properties and displays an ability to detoxify radiation and chemical toxins.


The following letter which I recently received was so touching that I felt it appropriate to share it in its entirety.

Judy, age 53, from College Park, GA:

I read your article on Cat’s Claw and would like to share the results of my taking it ( for only 4 weeks to date) with you.

Because of a lactose intolerance and an intolerance to progesterone (which I’d taken for 9 years), I’d developed several problems several quite serious problems! My body was developing calcium nodules in the breasts, kidney stones, toxic build-up of oxalates in the kidneys from lack of calcium, allergy-induced asthma, allergys to many foods, and environmental substances such as cats, dogs, feathers, molds, mildew, fragrances, etc.

My blood pressure fluctuated, food did not empty into the upper colon, rashes developed into a staff infection and it seemed like my auto-immune system no longer existed!

My physician had done numerous tests and continued to treat the side effects through prescriptions, which only produced more side effects! Finally in desperation I stopped taking all medications: provera, premarin, dicyclomine, quinine, guiatex, tagamet, uniphylor- triptylin, 800mg ibuphrophen, and 3 oral inhalers for asthma (not to mention the antibiotic and cortico steroids for the staff infection.)

I fasted and used the “Edgar Cayce” method of cleaning the system using apple juice for 2 days- then prayed for the answer. In my Herbal Quarterly a day later, I found an article on Cat’s Claw written by you. I located a retailer here in Atlanta and started the capsules on Sat. evening. By Monday morning, the pain (inflammation) in my right hip had disappeared; the edema in my legs was gone.

I felt as though I had energy, enough to make a stab at house cleaning ( which had been neglected for several weeks). It’s taken 4 weeks to reduce the swelling in my abdomen and stomach; my kidneys no longer hurt. I’m sleeping regularly and soundly; the food allergy reactions are not nearly as severe. My mind is focused and overall I’m feeling closer to “normal” than I have in 9 years. I now have enough energy to go to work again.

I have a benign tumor in the cervix, discovered 10 years ago and I’m hoping the Cat’s Claw will shrink it as well. Needless to say, my GYN and kidney specialist are not pleased with my decision to disregard the chemicals they prescribed, so in future testing I need to find new doctors. However, I was so near “death”, that using a herb was not in the least frightening under the circumstances. My chronic yeast infection is gone too!

I am now taking a complete multiple vitamin and mineral complex, calcium and Cat’s Claw, 6 – 500mg tablets daily. I bought the tincture this past week (The Good Earth) was out of the pills and capsules. I start walking again on this coming Monday for my daily exercise and am now prepared mentally to live another 53 years! Hopefully we won’t run out of Cat’s Claw or because of it’s health value, become so escalated in price that only the truly wealthy can afford it.

Because of my own success in responding to the herb, 10 of my friends are now taking it and are having favorable results with their various ailments (for our age group).

If you care to consult my physicians to furthur your studies, I, after hearing from you, will be happy to give you names and addresses.

I do want to thank you. Reading your article and acting upon it might posbibly have saved my life, for a ruptured vein in my right leg only the week before could have been fatal, by causing a clot, if not renal failure from the kidney toxins. I thank my guardian angel too, for leading me to this article. The Herb Quarterly had been lying around the house for months, unopened.

Hank, age 33, from San Rafael, CA:

has suffered from partial urinary blockage due to an enlarged prostate gland for over two years. After drinking three cups of tea daily using one tbsp. of powdered herb per cup, he has reported that his symptoms substantially diminished after three days.

Barbara, age 58, from West Palm Beach, FL:

has had a tumor on one ear and another on the side of her head for approximately eighteen years. She began using Cat’s Claw in capsule form in June of 1994, taking three – 350mg. capsules three times per day. She reported that both tumors have shrunk by half within approximately two months.

Rafiel, from Dallas, TX:

who is HIV positive, has reported that his T-cell count has risen from 560 to 875 after taking three – 350 mg. capsules three times per day over an eight week period.

Rich, from Boston, MA:

which is also HIV positive has reported that his T-cell count has risen from 330 to 550 in only three weeks, by taking Cat’s Claw capsules, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice, Flax Seed Oil, and Planetary Formulas Reishi Mushroom Supreme.

Kitty Winslow, owner of a health food store in Springfield, MO

has reported that four of her customers have eliminated many of their symptoms associated with fibromyalgia, as a result of taking Cat’s Claw capsules.

Dr. Satya Ambrose, N.D., co-founder of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine:

recently began using Cat’s Claw with some of her patients. She reported seeing significant improvement in patients suffering from crohn’s disease, ulcers, asthma, arthritis, iritis, shingles, dysbiosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. One patient, a woman who had been taking sulfasalazine ( a sulfa drug with numerous side effects ) to treat a bleeding ulcerative condition associated with crohn’s, was able to quit the drug after a few weeks using Cat’s Claw. Her bleeding condition seems to have cleaned up and she is reported to be experiencing much higher levels of energy.

Dr. Ambrose also mentioned that she has been able to eliminate the use of many Chinese herbs because of Cat’s Claw, in many instances, seems to be more effective; and finally, she has informed me that Cat’s Claw seemd to enhance her overall immunity while increasing stamina and energy in patients who suffer from physical and mental exhaustion due to an overactive or stressful lifestyle.

Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, D.C.:

In Healthy and Natural Journal, Issue 1, October 1994, pp. 64-65; Dr. Schwontkowski has stated that Una de gato (Cat’s Claw) is the most powerful immune enhancing herb of all the herbs native to the Peruvian Amazon. In her article titled, “Herbal Treasures from the Amazon” Part 1, she mentions that preliminary studies suggest that the herb has an ability to stop viral infections in the early stages, help patients who are chemically sensitive, enhance emotional stability – even in the midst of extreme stress, fight infections in AIDS patients and decrease the visible size of some skin tumors and cysts within two weeks.

Dr. Schwontkowski also reports that Una de gato has been linked with the remission of brain and other tumors, as well as providing relief from the side-effects of chemotherapy.

Dr. Julie Clemens, N.D. and Homeopath:

began giving Cat’s Claw to her mother who had severe circulatory problems in her legs and found walking to be difficult and extremely painful. Within a few weeks, her circulation improved and she was able to begin walking with almost no pain. Dr. Clemens has also reported seeing a significant reduction in the side-effects of radiation and chemotherapy in her cancer patients who are using Cat’s Claw.

Dr. John Finnegan, N.D.:

Author of: The Facts About Fats and Recovery from Addiction, has been working with Cat’s Claw for about a year. Here is what he has to say: “In these critical times when antibiotics are failing and conventional medicine is reaching its limits, nature is offering wondrous herbs like Cat’s Claw to strengthen and heal us of many ills. I have used Cat’s Claw as a integral part of holistic programs that are having remarkable success against many diseases including cancer, colitis, candida, immune system weakness and even AIDS.

I strongly recommend every serious practitioner of the healing arts, as well as every person interested in maintaining optimal health, to explore the invaluable contribution that these herbs offer to us all. After a lifetime of research and practice in the filed, I also caution people to be very careful about the quality, species and source of their herbs. Premier quality and correct species are essential to obtain the powerful results that I have personally witnessed and that the research gives credence to.”


I invite anyone who is seeing results in using Cat’s Claw with human or animals to send me their testimonials. Whether you’re a practitioner, patient, layperson or health food store owner, please feel free to use Cat’s Claw News as a forum to share your experiences. Only by sharing information can we learn how to best understand this wondrous and remarkable herb and in so doing, discover how it might best be used alone or in conjunction with other products.


I will be investigating other medicinal herbs that have traditionally been used by the indigenous peoples of Peru, as well as some of the more innovative nutritional products presently available in the United States. My findings will be published in future issues of Cat’s Claw News.


I am available for public appearances, radio and television interviews, lectures and workshops at reasonable fees. Interested parties should contact me by calling 303-569-3426 or by writing to: P.O. Box 1071, Georgetown, CO 80444.


The information contained in Cat’s Claw New is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace proper medical care, diagnose or prescribe. Proper medical attention should not be avoided, discarded, nor delayed when there is reason to seek professional help. Proper medical attention could save your life. Delaying proper care could lead to irreversible damage. Your medical condition should be discussed with your physician before using any of the products discussed in this newsletter.

The above is written and copyrighted by Phillip Steinberg in 1995 and is displayed here with permission.

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